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Your Checklist for Buying an Excavator

Excavators are important machines when it comes to digging in construction works, landscaping or utility works. From independent civil contractors Melbourne has, to large multinational companies with fleets of excavators, the machines play a significant role.

Buying excavators can be tricky, which is why you need adequate information before you approach a seller. For example, there are three categories of excavators for users to choose from. Standard excavators weigh between 10 and 40 metric tons. Civil contractors Melbourne has to offer may use one or more categories of the equipment to meet the needs of their customers. In addition to the standard size machines, there are high-end excavators of about 400 HP, and mini excavators of about 15HP.

Know the right size

As a buyer, there are essential things you should know before you buy the machine. To begin with, it is important to know the right size for your application. For instance, excavation companies Melbourne has to offer may have a variety of sizes while an independent provider may just need a standard size.

Secondly, you should know the right features to look for in an excavator, based on your application. Different excavators are fitted with different features and you should know the features that fit your application. It is also advisable to know how much you expect to pay for the equipment. After that, you can identify a reliable seller in your area and ask for a quote. It is advisable excavation companies to approach a seller with a wide range of equipment.

When it comes to deciding what size of an excavator you want, the following factors should guide you.

The depth and breadth of your trench

Manufacturers have different terms in relation to the depth that an excavator can cover. Civil contractors Melbourne has to offer are aware of such terms as ‘big depths’, ‘reach’, and others. However, if you are start-up Melbourne trenching service provider, you should learn about the terms first. For example, ‘big depths’ can cover between 18 and 26 inches. On the other hand, ‘Reach’ is the horizontal distance that the bucket can operate. It is advisable to consider the two factors to know what you expect from the excavator.

The weight of the excavator

Standard excavators can weigh up to 50 tons while mini excavators can weigh up to 15v tons. Lighter equipment are desirable, especially if you want to minimize damage onsite. Lighter excavators can also tow behind a pick-up. In that case, you will not require professional operators’ license.

Dumping height

This relates to how high the bucket of your excavator can lift materials and dump them during operation. Dump heights are often between 15 and 20 feet. Based on where you will operate the equipment, you should consider the physical size of the equipment. This will help you consider any narrow gates and know the size of the equipment that you should buy.

If you are buying the machine for the first time, you should get a machine that meets your needs. However, consider the capacity as well so you don’t have excess capacity. Check at

Role of earthmoving equipment in managing the soil erosion

One of the leading scientific magazines has recently published an interesting article on the problems of soil erosion in Bangkok. According to the article, because of soil erosion, by 2030, parts of Bangkok will be submerged in water. This publication is based on a scientific study conducted by some of the researchers on the effects of global warming, soil erosion particularly in the coastal region, rising sea level and such other related issues. The erosion control specialists warn that immediate preventive steps should be taken so as to avert the tragedy looming to happen by 2030.

Uses of earth moving equipment:

Soil erosion has become a global threat, and many countries across the globe stare at the disasters caused by the erosion. Thanks to the modern earth moving equipment like the trenching machine, JCBs, directional drilling machines which have helped in effectively managing the problems of soil erosion. According to the erosion control specialists, these earthmoving equipment can be effectively employed to prevent soil erosion which in turn helps in improving the fertility of the soil.

Effects of soil erosion:

Experts point out that soil erosion can cause several disasters. Apart from affecting the fertility of the soil, it can also affect the delicate ecological balance of the region. Soil erosion can also affect the structural safety of bridges and water reservoirs. They further point out that soil erosion can turn the vast grasslands into barren lands. However, you can remedy this situation by digging trenches along the course of the river or by constructing Gabion retainer walls. For this, you will have to employ a proper trenching machine. You can avail the trenching machine hire services at reasonable rentals.

Backhoe loader:

Alternatively, the erosion control specialists point out that you can effectively prevent soil erosion by employing backhoe loader. This earthmoving equipment is similar to the excavator. The machine can be used to dig trenches and move the soil to a different predetermined location. You can also get different services of backhoe hire Melbourne firms provide at reasonable rentals. Experts point out that employing a backhoe for purposes of digging trenches would be cost effective. The equipment accurately digs the trench, and it can also be effectively employed to backfill the trench. See more at State Plant Hire

Grader machine:

 Apart from these, erosion control experts also normally employ grader machine also called as road grader for soil erosion prevention activities. There are many firms, which offer services of grader hire Melbourne wide, which are available with varying capabilities and features. The type of grader to be used depends on the nature of work that is to be accomplished. The grader machine is normally used for leveling and also for preparing base course for asphalting of roads. The graders are effectively used to level areas with uneven terrain.

Cost effective procedure:

These earth moving equipment are normally operated by trained operators. If you have undergone training in operating the earth moving equipment, then you may hire only the machine and dispense with the services of the operator. Many of the construction companies now hire these earthmoving equipment because these are cost-effective and, the work can be completed within a short span of time and with a greater degree of accuracy.