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Primary school education is a very important step in the development of your child

It would be a pleasure to see your child walk into a primary school from the kindergarten. But the big question that remains to be answered is about the choice of a suitable primary school. While choosing the primary schools in Mernda, if you live there, you must ensure that the transition from kindergarten to primary brings about positive changes or experiences in your child. You can choose any of the government schools nearer to your residence or place of work. Alternatively, you can also look for a private or independent school.

For the convenience of children, the Government of Australia has recently built 10 new schools in Mernda, Point Cook and Morewell. Some more schools will be built in the near future in these places.

Emphasis on education:

The Government has increased the budget allocation for education sector. For example, more than Australian $100 million have been set apart for schools in Melbourne and its suburbs. The Government is also in the process of acquiring lands for building 23 new schools in the suburbs of Melbourne. In addition to this, money is also allocated to refurbish the facilities available in the existing schools.

Factors guiding the choice of schools:

While choosing any of the suitable primary schools in Mernda for your child, you will have to primarily consider the distance to the school from your residence. The circumstances prevailing in your family also play an important role in making this choice. In addition to these, you should also consider the infrastructure available in the school, qualification and the abilities of the teachers, matters connected with discipline of the child, fee structure and various other related matters.

Norms for admission:

According to the norms of the Government of Australia, a child should have attained the age of five years as on May 1, so as to be eligible for admission to any of the primary schools in Mernda. The admission of a child to a primary school is dependent on his or her residential address. Once you complete the formalities regarding admission, the school will provide you details regarding the curriculum, policies of the school, health and safety, canteen facilities with price list, school timing and so on. In fact, the Government of Australia has also published state-wise list of primary schools and you may browse to locate a school convenient to you.

Category of private schools:

Apart from Government schools, you may also consider admitting your child to any of the private schools. In Australia, private schools are divided into two namely the catholic schools which have low fee structure. These schools have diocese based education pattern. The other category includes the independent schools which are also called grammar schools.  Such schools will have a higher fee structure.

Standard curriculum:

In Australia, the primary schools, both government and private schools, are guided by the same curriculum standards with some minor alterations that may be specific to the school concerned. Both Government and private primary schools give due importance to extra-curricular activities of the students.

Look for popular schools:

If you are looking for a suitable private primary school for your child, you may visit where you would be able to find a congenial atmosphere for the education of your child. Such schools of long standing will be able to provide an ideal environment for the overall development of your child.

Why should you consider attending a certified real estate training program

Real estate agents in Australia have been reaping the benefits of a growing market of residential property over the last five years from 2012 to 2017. In spite of the turbulence in the economic conditions, the prices of housing properties have strongly increased owing to the governmental incentives in the beginning coupled with a decrease in interest rates. Quite similar to any professional career where it becomes imperative to attend the trainings and learn about the latest trends in the relevant market, the training in real estate would help you to stay updated with the present industry standards as well as regulations. There are several reasons why you should enroll in the real estate training Gold Coast firms offer, and how you will be able to market yourself competitively as a professional and skillful agent.

real estate training gold coast

Keeping the skills present:

As you remain updated with all the required skills, it will become much easier for you to market yourself in the continuously evolving pool of trained and experienced agents. Attending the real estate training Gold Coast professionals offer would keep you at a competitive edge over those agents who simply review the industry or market news. As the real estate agents are becoming increasingly dependent on numerous software products for generation and nurturing leads, it is crucial to utilize the materials that are offered for optimizing the systems where you have invested.

Staying motivated at all points of your career:

When you stay motivated, you can keep up the momentum of your business. It is quite obvious that leads would be much more interested in working with you if they see that motivation in your work. The real estate training Gold Coast firms would inspire you to improve your work habits and routine chores constantly. If you are motivated, you will be interested in going an extra mile for your clients or leads and that extra mile is surely worth it.

Understanding the varying needs of clients:

The real estate training in Gold Coast would offer you an insight on how you may offer an unmatched customer service. Being able to understand what works best for your clients would aid you to cater to their needs and you will be able to focus more towards building a bond and creating a stellar client experience. The better experience you will be able to create at the time of buying or selling process, the stronger your relationship with your clients would be.

Being relentlessly productive:

The Gold Coast real estate training can offer you the best practices which are needful for utilizing your time and efforts effectively. When you learn how to make proper use of time, you will be able to organize your routine so that any work turns out to be productive. Having a productive day can give you more time to meet new clients and focus on their requirements.

If you are willing to prosper your career in the field of real estate, then you can consider searching for and attending the best real estate training Gold Coast firms provide (go to for better insights as it can help in building your success in a field that is ever growing.

Experience a New Way of Babysitting

Many parents are just used to traditional hiring of nannies and babysitters. However, what if you discovered an interesting way of looking after your child? Well, Au pair Melbourne agencies have to offer can give you a new experience in babysitting.

Well, unlike the traditional concept in which you take your child to a childcare center, Au pair in Melbourne works by delivering babysitting services in your home. In the end, your child can receive adequate care and support from a certified and experienced caregiver. If you are looking for an opportunity to remain close to your child while you work on your duties without interruption, then you may consider consulting a reliable agency for Au pair Melbourne has to offer.

Benefits of using Melbourne Au pair agencies

Using Au pair services comes with various advantages. First off, you select an Au pair using a systematic process provided by the agency. For example, in Melbourne, you can consult AIFS Au Pair. Visit their website here:

On-going support:  once you zero in on a reliable profile of an Au pair Melbourne has to offer, you can continue getting support from the placement agency. This is important especially if you are hosting an Au pair for the first time.

Matching advantage: nothing can be better than hosting an Au pair of your choice. This means you took your time to list the specifications that you need in your Au pair. Through a systematic process of selection, reliable agencies can easily match you to the best Au pair in Melbourne.

Affordability: Au pair agencies deliver quality childcare support to their clients. The cost covers screening services for each Au pair that they give a placement. By hosting an Au pair Melbourne has to offer, you can be sure that the person you entrust with your child will deliver the best childcare support.

Perks an Au Pair can Anticipate

Aside from the benefits you get as a parent hosting an Au pair, there are more advantages from the Au pair perspective. Here are some of the advantages of working as an Au pair:

Travel opportunity: adventure is interesting and you can achieve this by working in different places through Au pair agencies. For example, if you choose a reliable Au pair agency in Melbourne, you can utilize the camp America or Work & Travel Australia programs.

Building your CV: in addition to the experience you acquire with an Au pair placement agency, you get the opportunity to add value to your CV. The experience acquired during your placement can go a long way to add value to your overall qualifications.

Work and study: working and studying is a rewarding experience. By linking with a reliable Au pair agency, you can work as a live-in nanny while you continue your education in the US or Australia, for as long as 12 months.

While many parents still stick to conventional nanny services, Au pair placement agencies have given babysitting a new dimension. Moreover, reliable agencies offer 24/7 counseling support to families hosting an Au pair.