Concrete Pumping Tips for Construction Companies

Nowadays, more and more people are hearing about insulating concrete forms (ICF). They are hollow blocks or panels that are created out of rigid polystyrene foam. These are then erected and filled with concrete to create insulated walls. To ensure that the concrete is poured on a more controlled rate, it is best to hire experts in concrete pumping.

If you are looking for a fast and economical way of completing concrete projects, concrete pumping Australia professionals offer today is your best bet. But it is not a job for newbies or DIY enthusiasts. If you have no previous experience, it is best to hire experts to complete your concrete projects.

Checklist Before Pouring

There are important things to consider before you any concrete pumping. Check all measurements, level, plump and square walls including openings. Don’t forget to include footprints and lintels. You should also ensure that the reinforcing steel is placed properly and inspected by the local building department for evaluation.

Some states are governed by local laws so you better check your building codes. You also need to ensure that the sleeves, fasteners, braces, and provisions for adding floor decks are ready. If there are any regularities, damaged forms, gaps, weak spots or irregular joints, take note of them and immediately address the issue.

Why Preparation of the Site is Important

Just like any construction projects, preparation is important. This is where the planning takes place. Once you have identified the site of your construction job, you should prepare the area before the concrete pumping process.

Get rid of all the mess and clear the area for the pumping truck. The area should be leveled and big enough to manage a pump using extended outriggers. If you plan to use a few mix trucks, make sure that there is enough space.

Check Powerlines

One of the major causes of fatal accidents while pumping concrete is the power line. Make sure that the boom is not used within 20 feet from the power line. If there is a power line nearby, make sure to put up a danger zone marked with cones. Click here Borgy's Concrete Pumping for more details.

A spotter should be assigned to warn operators if the boom is working close to the danger zone. Careful planning is important. Everyone should be aware of how to proceed with the concrete pumping operation in a safe manner.

Safety Protocols

A concrete pumping in Australia can be a dangerous job, especially if you are an amateur in the field. Make sure to take safety precautions whenever possible. This will help you stay safe throughout the concrete pumping process.

To protect you from any untoward incidents while at work, talk to concrete pump insurance brokers. There are insurance covers ranging from general liability, concrete pumping insurance, physical damage, and auto liability as well as workers compensation.

When it comes to concrete pumping process, training is very important. Make sure to hire competent and certified operators. This will ensure that safety procedures are followed carefully. Safety straps should not have any wear and tear and the ground should have outrigger pads.

Operators should wear appropriate protective gear. The boom equipment should also pass inspections. You may also visit for more details on concrete pumping Australia has today.