Utilizing Re-Establishment Survey to Precisely Locate your Land

Buying land is one of the most challenging tasks in the real estate transaction. One of the important steps in buying a land is locating a good piece of land. This process should be done before you actually enter into a contract of sale. This task can only be carried out by opting for a re establishment survey Melbourne surveyors conduct.


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According to the mandate issued by the Government of Australia, the re establishment survey should be carried out strictly according to the prescribed guidance note. In fact, there are six different guidance notes which deal with the various aspects or procedures to be followed in the surveying of different types of lands.

A pre-requisite:

According to the rule prevailing in Australia, whether you are constructing a single dwelling accommodation or multiple dwelling accommodations, the re establishment survey Melbourne professionals conduct should be invariably opted for. Only after completing this survey the local council will approve your request for permission to start the construction of your building.

Mark the area as existing on the land:

Once you apply for the re establishment survey Melbourne surveyors conduct, the registered surveyor will visit your place and conduct the survey. Thereafter the surveyor will prepare a report which highlights a comparison between the boundary as defined in the title deed produced by you and the boundaries as existing on the land. The survey report also highlights any existing structures or fences which may exist near the property that is being surveyed now. In short, the re establishment survey highlights the ‘acceptable area’ within which any building or structure could come up.

Prevent objection from neighbors:

In fact, by undertaking the re establishment survey in Melbourne you actually re-establish the property which you are planning to buy or on which you are planning to construct the building. By undertaking this survey you also avoid any possible objection to your construction from your neighbors which eventually may lead to protracted legal action and sour the relationship between you and your neighbor.

Survey required for all types of lands:

The Melbourne re establishment survey is an essential element to be followed before you buy any real estate property. This survey is also required when you are planning to construct your dream home or even make alterations or additions to the home. Apart from residential plots, this survey is also required for both commercial and industrial plots.


According to the norms prevailing in Australia, the survey should be conducted only by a surveyor registered with the Land Surveyors Licensing Board of Western Australia (LSBWA). In fact, this institution is also authorized to impart professional training in the field of surveying and also conduct examination and award degrees to successful candidates.

Look for experienced surveyors:

If you want to find re establishment survey Melbourne surveyor, you may visit http://www.kennedysurveys.com.au. These surveyors are sufficiently qualified and experienced and they are equipped with modern surveying equipment which helps them to carry out the work with a greater degree of accuracy. The experienced surveyors normally take about 4 to 5 days to complete the survey. The surveyors survey all types of lands, including industrial, commercial, and residential as well as agricultural lands. The professional fee of the surveyors depends on the topography of the land, the duration of the survey and various other factors.